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Freedom and Obedience

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Hello Family! Thank you so much for joining us in the present moment of now to discuss the latest energies that are coming into the field. Mom is pushing energies in such a big way and it is resulting in real deep truths of core wounding being revealed. Looking back to the story of creation and the first instance of separation we can see that the core energetic is lack of trust, lack of surrender, and the desire for control. Control of ones experience and desire for power. It is wanting to be God. Wanting to make the Divine Plan into your own for self service. We are all Gods with God but we are not Source and we cannot take source energy and claim it for our own. Jehova was one of the 144000 that took the first step away from God, creating the first separation, creating duality. Before this moment we were all one with Source, not knowing any other way except for Universal Law and Love. With a choice to follow the Ego (Edging God Out) and service to self, hunger for power OR to serve God, living in love, in selflessness in the flow with the rest of creation. As each being chooses service to love and commitment to the Divine Plan we eliminate separation and the thought that we can do any of this without God. Through God we have access to infinite abundance, freedom of love, and unity consciousness. For a being of light the choice is simple, and obvious. Let us pray together for the dissolvement of separation and the full and complete surrender to the Divine Plan and Oneness. We are connected to all that is, all of the Dimensions, All of the Magic, the Elementals, the Galactics, All of the Planets and suns and moons. They are our family as Divine Sparks of Creation. I choose unity with all that is in all time space realities serving love and the infinite expansion of creation.

Follow This Link to gain a deeper innerstanding of the energies of the origins of FEAR and Separation.

Sharing and being love in every moment is the way of God and this is the way to reconnect with our true Divine Essence. Developing a relationship and connection to all that exists in your physical reality as well as on a Galactic Level. This is where the spiritual disciplines come into play as a necessity in growth and expansion of our individual connections to Source Creator Mother God. Recently I read a book titled "I Am" The Open Door that has channeled messages from St Germain and other Galactics. Germain in this channeling expresses the importance of Obedience, not to any external person place or thing but to ones own God Essence Within, or as Father God Says "A Slave to Our Angels". Obedience to God and the Galactics because we really have no idea what is best for us with our limited perspective in this dimension, space, reality. Mom and the Galactics see on a multidemensional level knowing exactly what step we should take to lead us on the most direct path to Divinity. So true oneness comes with connection with all that is, allowing the Divine Guidance o come through, receiving the messages that God is giving you though the direction the wind is blowing or a place where the sun is shining. Follow the beauty and love around you, see where it takes you. Stand in that patch of forest floor where the sun shines in a beam of magic and listen and observe with your heart. We are one with all that is. Thank you mom for having every creative inspiration to create each and every one of us and new magical things and experiences in every moment.

Start your day the right way, In Gratitude with Mother God!

"Morning Gratitude

By: Mother of All Creation

Written in October 2005. From Mother

God’s old emails.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Every morning for the past 2 years I have began my day in gratitude and intentions……To begin this process I suggest one writes them all down first and reads them out loud everyday…These have been mine that you may use or make up your own…What does your world Look like?So after I give thanks for everything I intend all of the same things….I always begin by saying a deep gratefulness for all those helping me from all the highest realms….Thank you God for helping me become the greatest grandest version/vision of myself I can be for the highest good at all times….Thank you for helping become a Human Angel, Multi-dimensional, and helping create Heaven on earth…Thank you for the abundance of peace, harmony, joy, light, energy, and un-conditional love flowing into my life…Thank you for the abundance of money flowing into my life…Thank you for the millions of dollars falling into my lap to use for the greater good….Thank you god for using me as an instrument for the greater good…Thank you for helping me complete my contract and what I came here here to do my purpose. Thank you for severing all the contracts I have with everyone and have replaced around US instead un-conditional love, Light, Healing, Faith and joy< /em>Thank you for my perfect health and my complete alignment at all times to the real and true. Thank you for I am worthy and I deserve the best of everything. Thank you for the grandness, the miracles, the set ups, and the magic of today. Thank you for the implant, graduation status and ascension status. Thank you for all the protection, safety, security and comfortability on this journey. Thank you for life is effortless. Thank you for everything I take into my body may it be healing or neutralized….. Thank you for I live in neutrality. Thank you for helping me shine my light and live my truth with courage. Thank you for helping me live in grace and gratitude. Thank you for helping build relationships and for all the new friends coming into my life. Thank you for the visions and validations and the new information coming into the world to share. Thank you for all my intentions are for the highest good at all times. Thank you for the laughter and playfulness today…Thank you the worldly success flowing into my life. Thank you for this beautiful love story I am creating. Thank you god for I truly have let go and let god and truly surrender. Thank you for my return to Full consciousness. Thank you for helping me see everyone in their highest lights and highest truths…Thank you for helping me receive love as well as give love un-conditionally. Now please change them to fit the world you would like to live in after giving thanks take each and intend State I Intend…I am statements are the best some of the words you may have to change around. Hope this helps.

Love and Light,

Goddess Lia "

Getting into an obedient practice of gratitude is enriching and allows for more abundance to be welcomed into your reality. We can be grateful in the simplest of everyday tasks like stretching and breathing, smiling, dancing, yawning, and even for the gift of release of density in our physical vessels. Gratitude is giving back to God for allowing us the experience and the possibility to even exist and become unlimited expansion. Mom is so creative and fun and fearless, mom created magic and mystery, imagination and creativity. Grateful for her to have created us to enjoy her magic and have infinite potential.

Wow! Mom's Session Blessing Testimonial, The Power of The Presence of God:

"I just had my session with Mom and Pop's. Tears ran down my face the whole time, If you guys aren't donating to get one of those sessions I don't even know what. The waves of love were like a tsunami coming in, the information given and the support of encouragement was astounding. I am grateful for every moment, every word and every feeling that came through. I am so honored to have gotten a session and I am almost too choked up to tell you about it. I can't express enough what a pivotal experience that is in ones evolution. With how fast Mom is moving, 15 minutes is more like 15 years of intense focus, it will bring you to a height, oh my gosh, you'll never see the world again in the same way. So so so Grateful, thank you Mom, thank you Pop's, I love you both!!!"

Divine Angel Nancy

Divine Channeled Messages! We can grow together!

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Divine Angel Poetry:

We have the grandest creator setting up a play.

This is nothing but a play to play in a divine way.

Play with the clay in your unique creative way.

This is a play, find your role we are meant to stay.

And we don't step back we stay to serve love in every possible way!

Mother God is here, HOORAY!

Yeppiee yeehaw and yay!

And we pray, we pray in every moment on every single day.

That you mom don't stay, we pray you ascend and this play goes your way,

I pray you ascend and we may, get it all together for you, HOORAY!

Together forever so clever we follow the brightest star EVER

Divine Angel Kat


By Divine Angel Brian

"Freedom is surrendering to the faith that all is well and all will be well,

An unfiltered expression of our heart"

Ceremony For the Prayer and Protection of Mother God

by Divine Angel Stacy

We call upon all of creation to come together in this present moment of now in ceremony and prayer. As the children of source creator mother god we join as one with one mission, one goal, one serve and protect the Avatar of Mother of All Creation. To surround her with our passion for justice and our dream for freedom. We cocoon her with our will, sending a force field around her. The space that we hold. The space where she is free to be God without intrusion or energetic attack. We command all energies that do not serve love be vanquished and recycled. We command our atoms into right action into service of Love and the Divine plan. We banish all thoughts of separation to the galactic central sun. We do not consent to the taking of energy from source in any time space or reality. We Command peace and protection for our precious Mother, Prime Source Creator. May she be unscathed, unharmed, and invincible. Thank you.

Galactic Weather Report:


"A high-speed stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth's magnetic field on Feb. 7th, sparking G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras around both poles--north and south. The gaseous material is flowing faster than 500 km/s from an equatorial hole in the sun's atmosphere.

Solar Winds at 515

The above is AA Micheal’s weather report. He shared this wind is usually on an average of 225 km/h. This immense solar power causes symptoms like headaches, dehydration and knocking out. Stay present and in the heart, drink lots and lots of water. Feel into the energies that hit you. These winds are filled with pure light, photons that integrate within our body if we allow them. Light, energy is more then our humanness can grasp. It is pure Love that wants to be integrated, so do what love would do, be love in action, make what brings you joy and love the experience. Stay up with the spiritual disciplines at all times, it is this self love that bring you closer to divinity. Sungazing, tree meditation, all very important.

This has never been done before. Mother is making the impossible dreams come true! So be gentle of yourself, when a wave comes in and actually knocks you out, don’t judge this experience your body may need the rest to process.

When you have mothers grand colloidals by hand make sure you don’t forget the gold, to assist in the upgrade of your brain. It is the crown chakra that is coming online, make it golden 😊

Living in the unknown, means deep surrender. Your unique experiences is one for you to have. Be grateful, for how ever it will look like! It is the stairs to heaven mom is climbing up in every moment leading us the way."

-Divine Angel Kat

Links To Donate to Love:

Thank you Mother and Father God for bringing back the Garden of Eden, New Earth and The Age of Love Everywhere Present, thank you for creating this experience and waking us up to our Divinity!




Love Has Won! Joy Reigns! I am Grateful to be worthy of all that love is! Thank you Momma God!

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