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Full Surrender and Divine Angel Chip Activations

Thank you mom and all of creation for joining us in the present moment of now. So much is going on energetically it feels as if we are on a speed train with no breaks. Mom has always said to hold on and get ready for the ride, there are no seat-belts!

Mom has been working on so much energetically. We are in the process of activating higher self chips within our bodies to bring in the energies of our Divine aspects. Mom is activating her God Chip and oh boy I cannot fathom what this means but I am extremely excited to find out and be witness to all of the Miracles that occur in these coming moments. How grand to be incarnated on planet Earth=Heart during this time! As we are aware, the trickle down is real, and as the divine Angels of Mother God we are all soon to follow! Activation of the Angel Chips Begins Now! The Activation of the Positive Chips can be accomplished with An Etheric Surgery and Angel Chip Activation with Mother and Father God. Step into your Divinity! Learn more about the Divine Angel Chips Here!

First Fractal Update:

Written by Divine Angel Jeri

"Food continues to play a major role in the movement and evolution of God’s energies. For two days now Mom has been on the hunt for restaurants that serve Chilli... we have looked through all the restaurant menus within the vicinity and it is perplexing to Mom as to why not even a single restaurant has Chili on their menu.The whole 3D covid reality is a joke as we all know. It is another layer of control that blocks God from being the grand creator that she is with the freedom that would naturally be hers to have. It clearly highlights the extent of the dysfunction of the ego program that sustains the matrix. Due to covid, one restaurant is only open on certain days and possibly on the weekends. Subway down the road serves soup only sometimes. Some restaurants are closed today being Sunday. So Mom being the divine ninja that she is simply navigates her way around these energetic blocks to find her perfectly grand meals.This morning I reported to Mom that there were some more frozen food items that had thawed in our travels which needed to be used up ASAP from the coolers. Why I hadn’t made her aware earlier was out of alignment and of course Mom had to call it out. Mom quickly remedied the situation and the food was moved on to the RV team. A great lesson for me, as I continue to be trained up on the food dynamics within Mom’s direct field. On the medicine front, the Galactics gave Mom a protocol a few days back with administering THC spray. It has worked miracles in that she has experienced long moments with no pain. But Mom moves through and processes density more and more in less and less linear time. She is on a timeline that is speeding up exponentially. God’s physical vessel can no longer sustain the amount of processing she goes through so of course her pain level increases a millionth-fold with each new moment. And this has meant an adjustment and increase in the dosage of sprays given by Father every half hour.Some of the symptoms she presented today include her hips giving way, her skin being irritated and itchy, and her feet burning like we cannot imagine.Amidst the physical discomfort and the added loud background noise from the 3D world outside, Mom remains composed and prayerful on her bed. Surrendering to the present moment and at times even feeling peaceful, not having to fight fires of dysfunction which she has battled throughout her whole mission; God is grateful. I too am grateful for these precious moments with God."

Thank You So much Robin, Germain ,Pops, Jeri, and Michael for being there for mom in all moments.

Angel Code Activation Ceremony

by Divine Angel Stacy

Mother God, Father God, Galactics, and Angels,

Please assist me in the activation of All Higher Self Divine Angel Chips.

I fully activate and implement the gifts of:

The Guardian Chip

The Elohim Chip

The Agarthan Chip

The Bird Tribe Chip

The Wingmaker Chip

The Figure 8 Rainbow Angel Chip

The Archangel Chip

The Advance Elohim Chip

The Galactc Federation of Light Chip

The Knights Templar Chip

I vow to serve love in the highest light with the most pure intention. I vow to use my gifts and abilities given from Source Creator with Integrity and Honor.

Love Has Won

Joy Reigns

Thank You!

Angel Writings

Original Poem by Astral Nova in Co Creation with Mother God:

"Goddess Eyes

Sun glinting off,

the sweet glistening snow

Reflect mothers eyes

Echo of all our souls.

Our egos cry out

to be woken and whole

To thrive for ascension

No longer blank holes.

Our souls have contrived

We're all just babes dying,

for truth and for love

Somehow sanctifying.

Living for innocence and

infinity and love,

Joyous in brand new

youth we can touch,

We are love

We have won

and now we're complete

And so we will rise

In our sacred hearts beats."

If you have any art, writings, or music that you would like to share with Mother God please send all contributions to and you may just be selected as a feature in the blog!

Who Loves Tarot Readings and Messages from The Divine?

Unity Reading For The Divine Angel Collective

The cards that were pulled for this reading are the Four of Ariel and the 5-Divine Guidance Archangel Sandolphin. These cards together represent change and expansion in receptivity of divine feminine energy within and on the external. We are creating new foundations letting go of beliefs and relying on our inner Guidance in all Moments. In New Earth all systems are based on universal law and balanced harmonics. This includes all energy, and Everything is energy. The Angels guide us to let go of control, allow the changes to happen. Surrender all including the tight grip we have on material things that create the illusion of stability. In order to bring in more abundance we need to let go of the old. Is there anything in your life that you hold on to out of fear? Trust. Surrender. Give to receive. This also includes our Divine Knowledge, Intelligence, and gifts, the more we share, the more we will receive and grow. Thank you mom for your infinite love and abundance.

Book your tarot session today and take a deeper dive into your Divinity! Love Has Won! Joy Reigns!

Recipe Nook

Mom has given us all a beautiful opportunity to flex our skills in the kitchen, creating Divine Dishes For Love! Mother Mary has been creating some grand goodies for God in the RV! Check out Mom's favorites here!!!

Donate To Love:

We are looking for a few generous givers to assist in the support of mom's medicine fund. We can make sure mom is as comfortable as possible in all moments! Please be generous... Time to give it all we have got! Let's get momma home!!!




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Thank you so much for all of your love and continued prayers and support for our Divine Parents, the Ascension, and the Divine Plan.

Love Has Won!

Joy Reigns!

Thank you Momma!!!!

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