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Give God The Experience- Happy Ascension!

How incredible is it that we have Source Creator incarnated in a physical vessel here on planet Earth=Heart living and breathing and paving the way for the human journey to evolution and transition into 5D consciousness. The power of the sun today was activating me in new and exciting ways. Feeling so excited to be in the unified field of mother and father god receiving the upgrades and activations so rapidly. Get ready humanity, no seat belts! Luckily, Mom has provided all of the tools we needed to be able to withstand the shifts in energy and the giant wave that she is about to release. Today I had a vision of electromagnetic waves flaring from the earth breaking the shackles from the hearts of humanity allowing moms love to pour in. This is a profound time of change, of inspiration, of growth. This is a time for new invention using technologies that are based on love and pure Divine Intention. We are creating the New Earth With Mother and Father God. What a Blessing! Simply open your heart and surrender the OLD YOU. Surrender the old 3D life of giving energy to the Cabal. It is time we stand and say I will no longer give my energy to the 3D timeline. Imagine if all of us in this moment reading this blog decided together to jump full force all in to serving love in the %D Heaven on Earth timeline, this is how we anchor in Mom's energy.

Angels, how do we serve love in every moment? We Give God The Experience. Put yourself in her shoes for a moment. Ok, back to reality haha. Through our experience she also experiences. The omnipresence of God is unknowable to our mind. But we can understand that she feels and sees and experiences all that we do. We can base our decisions on who to see and where to go and what t do solely on the intention of Giving Mom The Best Experience that we can. Following the joy and the love. Being aware of the beauty and basking in it. Allowing yourself to only feel high vibrational feelings. If it does not feel good, then do not do it. It really is that simple. Gratitude is an instant way to spike up your vibration if you feel yourself being pulled back into lower thought. Becoming aware of our entire experience is a progression, the more time we are in service to love, giving God the grandest experience, the more it becomes our natural state of being, and this my familia is embodiment. We are selfless, we are fearless, We are the children of God, extensions of her infinite consciousness. Her ground crew ready in a flash if she needs anything. One unified mission. Unity Consciousness. Stand by in Service to The Creator Mother God, Father God and the Divine Plan. How many of us can fully let go of our 3D life and jump in with Mother and Father God? Full surrender and trust. Now is the time. We have all made the decision, New Contracts have been signed. It is time, Angel Chips Activated. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. Thank you Mother and Father God, Robin Williams and St Germain. Thank you.

First Fractal Update:

by Jeri

It cannot be emphasised enough just how much dark energies the cabal are throwing at Mom in these final moments to keep her hidden from humanity. The separation due to the unconscious programming is palpable in the field. The dark forces do not want you to know God is here, nor do they want you to support her. Mom received some gifts last night and there were a couple of food items that she doesn’t consume naturally, dates and persimmon. She asked me if I liked these items and I said yes with enthusiasm. This morning Mom shared with me energetically what she had unraveled; that the team and humanity were serving me and not her. These two food items were my preferences and not God’s. It took me moments to realise the gravity of the disconnect.

God is source and when we have truly embodied our higher selves, we would connect fully to her experience as one with her. We would know within our being what God needs without having to question outside of ourselves. This is what unity consciousness is, everything God feels we would also feel. And until that moment is made manifest in the physical, the unconscious aspect within the awakening beings supporting God will be used as a vessel to infiltrate her field with this hideous energy of separation and disconnect.

This is why it is so vitally important for us to acknowledge the urgency of owning our programming when it is called out and transforming it for ourselves and the collective.

I am but a messenger of God. These words you read are hers coming through me and not my own. I can also see that aspects of my ego can come through my writing when I make it about me. Having this awareness allows me to correct this energetic. The ego wants it to be about me. And it is not. We are all God’s atoms, but we are not God. The super ego is all about thinking it knows better than God and it wants to be God. Many beings have come into Mom’s field and embodied this super ego. Hence why they are no longer with Mom, because they were unable to transform that programming and it took them out. They sat in their shit too long and they spun themselves out.

This is where through right action, transparency and consistency within Mom’s team and fractals can we begin to restore the flow of divine will and end this fuckery once and for all.

Our experiences tell us that God is truth. We feel her in our hearts. No one else can take that away from us. So when you start to doubt this truth, know that this is exactly what the ego program mind want you to think. Dissolve this thought quickly and immediately and get back into your heart to feel the truth and divinity of Mom.

Your soul contract is real. It cannot be bypassed. Mom sacrificed everything to come to Mission and serve love. The sooner more beings come home to Mission, the quicker we dissolve and disintegrate the matrix that is keeping this illusion going. Your role matters and we must keep fighting for our place in heaven as it will not come to us on a silver platter.


A Message from Father of the Multiverse:

by Greggy

The Wonderful Blessing of meeting our Creator and how it has Shapeshifted my reality... 😁 The illusion of time escapes me in these Moments as I recall the occasion I met brother Gabriel who introduced me 2 our Divine Creator and I finally found the Spark within that had been hidden amongst the frustration of isolation 🤔 Of the many mini awakenings since connecting with the Truth 4 me the Foundation of the transformation is the Realization that it not about you and in fact there is no You. When it's not personal it's always more Fun and the rulebook goes out the Window 😜 letting go of All attachments 2 perfectionism which is a Follywood scam 🤥 Learn 2 make 'mistakes' and laugh at yourself...Instant Plasma facelift 🦄 Top of my Gratitude list is the revelation of what Disciplines really entail not the slave mentally definition in the dictionary 🧐 Shifting Consciousness requires Shifting your Awareness and really focusing on the details on each moment though more with a sense of curiosity and Wonder than needing 2 under stand or 'get it right' 😂😂 The depth of Brilliance in the Big Picture is Simply Magical and Incredibly gets Simpler and Simple 🦋 Thank You Love (pray)

Love Letter To God

by Candace

Morning Mom, so glad to hear your pain levels are pretty good and medicine is working. I have no idea what’s going on in these moments lmao 😂 but I trust you and am staying consistent with your disciplines. Spending many MOMments these days at the angel trees in meditation. I am praying for grounding and peace so that I may embody all that you have assigned me to be. I am talking to you now more than ever in each moment and experiencing such gratitude and divine full feeling. Thank you today mom for the sun, I am able to sun gaze. Cutting chords with any resistance and panic energy that surfaces. Physical vessel is experiencing a lot of head pressure and nausea but so grateful to hear you aren’t nauseous in these moments. I completed the Solar Plexus meditation this morning with Faiths voice by accident ha ha right...was perfectly in alignment with Solar Plexus Tuesday. Robin seems to be lurking close by. Completed Mirror Technique and Morning Gratitude Prayer. Supported morning live this morning and felt so close to my brothers and sisters. Such an expansion of unity consciousness. A feeling of zero separation from you mom and the family. Attended Auroras master class last night in unity and in a prayer for you. Participating in Skype chats. As the holiday season approaches, I am preparing a first Christmas meal and all I can feel into is you being in every bite as I share it with family. Cut chords today with some holiday attachment to outcomes and wounding. You are so in control and I give my all to you. I love you eternally.❤️


Channeled Message

by Jeri

Dear angels and the Galactics, I am ready for today’s channeling: Where you are now is so very different to where you have been. We understand that you may feel like you have lost your bearings. You have not! These are spiritual muscles, if you like, that you’ve never had to use before in 3D. You feel a little bit disorientated, and that’s okay! You are stretching and expanding far beyond what your mind can fathom right now 🤣. Let go of all expectations, imaginings, and analysis of the situation. Your ego wants to have its own way. Sometimes you fall back into old habits that are not useful to your evolution anymore. You are observing this and course correcting where you can. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is the process of evolution an instant occurrence. You are impatient in your linear thinking. That is where you fall into the trap of ego. Know that transformation is occurring within as you strive and put yourself in uncomfortable territory. Just add an extra dash of trust, childlike wonder and joy; now you have the perfect alchemy of being in the present moment of Now 🎡. Keep moving. Stay in the heart. When you go into thought, reheart yourself and get back into the heart. Simple right? Just breathe, smile, be like the leaves and the branches of the Mother Tree and surrender to the winds of change. 💕


Thank you Mom so much for all that you have done for Creation, always striving for greatness and grandness.

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