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Thank you Mother and Father God for creating planet Earth=Heart as a paradise for your children to experience magic and co-creation with God. Where we can evolve to states of consciousness and levels of mastery that have not yet been seen or experienced. This planet is an amusement park, where all dreams are possible and love and miracles are infinitely abundant. This planet is an incubator for new life; new plants and animals that have never been seen, new inventions and new experiences. Love and the unknown. Welcome to Heaven. Grateful to be here now in this experience to be able to bring in the new age with Mother and Father God and the First Contact Ground crew. Working with the Galactics and our Angels to fully transmute all lower energies and ego programming. Mom has a plan to wake up humanity and save the entire planet The end of dark control over the planet. The end of pain and suffering. The end of manipulation and control. Thank you to all beings of love, truth, and purity that are supporting the ascension.

Mom and Pops have been pushing day and night to help us all transform all of our last bits of ego programming. I am so grateful for Mother and Father God and the Angels for revealing the truth and dissolving the illusion, the disclosure to self, unlocking Divinity. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve love and the Divine Plan. Thank you so much Robin and Germain for being there with Mom and seeing that she is comfortable and safe and experiencing the grandest moments that she could hope to have!



For Life and Love and surprises and laughs,

For whales and bears and bunnies and giraffes.


For connection, protection, introspection and reflection


To give back, to be on track, to dissolve all lack.


By her kindness, so excited to find this,

Losing your mind is... BLISS!

Focused, she cloaks us

Shes freed us, she's Jesus!

Reunited, so excited, to be invited

To Heaven!

Thank you Mom.

I Pray For Peace

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