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Higher-Self Embodiment and Transformation

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Hello Angels! Wow! Mom has been doing surgeries non stop helping her children heal,removing blockages and reestablishing energetic flow. Thank you Mom! As a warrior of Mother of All Creation it is the reason that we are hear, to transform, to evolve, to become our greatest versions. If we take a moment to ask ourselves the question, what is blocking me from higher self embodiment? Observe the first answer that you receive... is it something external? Are you blaming your experience and the people in it for your lack of growth? Everything is appearing in your reality for a reason. It is a lesson for us to see that there is a deep root issue causing disharmony in our life. There has been so much coming through energetically in regards to childhood trauma, food dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction. Take a good look at the three of these topics, have you had experiences with any of these things? The way to get real answers and real healing guidance is to pray for it. Ask your Angels to show you. How did all of these experiences make you feel? How do you feel now when you reflect? If there is anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, or shame associated with these experiences ,it shows us that we are holding on to these low vibrational energies, pulling them into the present moment of now like an anchor of karma. Gaining a broader perspective is a good way to let go of the emotional baggage that we have held onto for so long. Choose to see the bigger picture, see from the birds eye view. See that we are all beings of love and light masked under a veil of illusion. Numb, dumb, and unaware. Compassion is created when we can see ourselves in other beings and understand that we all come from the same place, and have the same path. Path to higher self embodiment. Thank you mom for leading the way. Letting go of all attachment to these experiences, as well as control of any future experiences. Surrender fully and completely to the present moment of now, the unknown, and love. There is nothing to fear, trust that home with God you are safe. Be open and free, you have everything to gain.

Divine Inspiration

"Each moment is no ordinary moment. Each moment, trillions of parts are moving, within us and within the illusion outside of us. We can feel into the magnitude of what is truly happening, and even then, we don't know shit about what's happening. From the trillions of cells living their life within our body to the billions of humans awake on the other side of our planet.

The multidimensional nature of reality demands our surrender to the unfathomable. Embracing the reality we don't know shit gives space to feel the truth. Cause the truth is felt and only bearable through the heart."

-Divine Angel Brian

Divine Poetry- Co-Creation With Mother God


She's the one who gave birth

She is our Mother, dear mother Earth

Gives with all her heart

Knows you from the begin

Creations like colorful painting of art

You call her beauty, you may call her love

She is everywhere, the birds, trees and the breeze

The green grass and a dove

Earth, so full of oneness and unity

Like all of creation rehearts us to embody divinity

Up on the mountaintop she sings, inviting love in

Where paradise on her begins

Grander then watching fighters on the ring

Shes a winner, so are we

Unbeatable forever, knowing her children will get home, they'll know better

Unconditionally ever loving

Earth is our mother, for she is here and everywhere

-Archeia Faith

Message To The Collective

"Dearest Beloved Mother, Rockstar of Our Hearts. Humanity this lady, this BEing has been doing everything for your Highest well BEing!! The energetic Master of All that is, has not stopped pushing until she achieved anchoring in Mother God, 100% Divine embodiment in the official physical and She didn't stop there. Mother set about correcting and transforming All that She could unfolding thousands of layers of dysfunction... Mom worked extensively on the brain, being trained by Kryon of Magnetic service and then teaming up with Master Surgeon Robin Williams. Billions of implants removals and microchips later and Mother has paved the way out of the collective unconsciousness. In these MOMents Mom is activating positive Angel Chips, opening Ascension portals, working with the Guardian Dragon Council, performing a multitude of brain surgeries and many many more feats!! Thank you Mother!!! All will know your amazing truth"

-Archeia Faith

Words of Wisdom

"Now... what shall I build the foundation out of for my new palace? From this point forward my acts of LOVE will be the bricks and mortar. Every time I am able to act from LOVE a GRAND brick is laid. Every time I see another Being with Compassionate eyes the mix in the mortar is correct and binds those bricks well. Every moment I am in the HEART gives me the Diamond Heart Connection required to instill quality components. IAM Grateful for receiving the awareness. Thank you Mother/Father God. I love you! Love you all! "

-Divine Angel Amanda

Love Letter To God

"You are my heart, my life, my savior and healing!

With you I can overcome even the darkest thoughts. Your LOVE brings light in even the darkest spots of our existence, and with trust, faith and hope in you we are guided and protected at all times.


Numerology 2/11/2021

"We are in the month of February, still in the energies of the two which brings in balance and flexibility. There is a deeper connection between these two traits: when you are in balance within you can be flexible. When you’re open to flexibility you can be balanced. Holding onto old belief systems keeps you from flexibility because you don’t let go where you stand. You believe something that is attaching yourself to something, so obviously when you don’t let that go you cannot be flexible!Once you work on this is an open more and more to the organic Flow, you are more balanced. Through the striving towards an inner balance, we find us we are more flexible and with an non-attachment to any belief system we can organically go with the flow and choose flexibility which is highest for us to stay in balance. This is opening up a new way of approaching your day and you can let go of any 3D structure (breakfast 7am, run at 8am, lunch at noon etc). What ever it is that brings you joy or a necessary grounding or time for creativity – find the openness to be flexible, let go of all old structure. Feel into the change how it helps you find your balance to sustain your energies high.It is the 11th today so we are experiencing the influence of the one energy, since it is master number 11 the 1 energies are amplified. We are rehearted to stand tall in our truth and to be graceful in what we do. We are invited to feel into our inner strength, to find the qualities of a leader within yourself! Coming out of the dark night of the soul we have now once again the chance to revalue our entire being, to feel our worth to stand where we are at. To feel into the vision - LOVE everywhere present - we see, we stand for and we lead into. So we can free ourselves from one more layer of what it is for you personally that doesn’t serve you, doesn’t serve LOVE. And let go of all it is that is lower. ALL belief systems, all blocks and all fear we created because of frequencies that are coming from the lower like lack mentality, doubt fear or control.Adding up the numbers of today we come to a nine. The end of an cycle, the beginning of something new. In every present MOMent of now, we can end what is not love and start a new beginning of living in trust, hope, faith, compassion and LOVE. In the moment we start trusting mom and being greatful for what we have and experience, we are able to manifest greater! Abundance can not be created from a lower vibration, only from LOVE. The angels ensure us that every lesson we learn and implement to not do the same mistake again, is a step closer to divinity. Feel into where you came from and where you want to be today. Feel into where you are at right now and where you still hold on to attachments and belief systems, to transform it in the energies of nine into love with resilience and courage.The dark night of the soul might has rattled you =, triggered you or brought up past experiences to you. Embrace allow accept and let go is the way to go! BRING IT ON ANGELS is our mantra, and the angels sure WILL give you the opportunity to grow, to be tested and to step up. We have an interesting balance in the date looking at the number it is 111 and 222 . Angel number 111 signifies the manifestation of wealth and prosperity. It’s a strong number that relates to the possibility of your thoughts becoming your reality. The number ‘1’ in 111 is a dominating number, which has many meanings. ‘1’ symbolizes confidence, awareness, independence, uniqueness, sureness, and motivation. And 222 Angel number means that that course will likely be an unexpected opportunity has suddenly appeared, 222 says to take it. The bottom line is that the number 222 is a sign that you are heading in the right direction and need to keep the faith.we are already confident and independent yet we forget about it every now and then. You see balance is achievable: we get to stand up as who we are meant to be more and more even though the process may feel wild and chaotic, stay centered in heart and drink lots of water. The angels have a clear message: There is no running from the change and only through change you can become our true self. Only by letting go of ALL belief systems and lower vibrations within us can we can grow into divinity. Along the way we must not forget to be in joy, love, compassion and gratitude. Through not taking it personally we are able to accept embrace and allow. Seeing it just as it is we can choose to cut cords with the lower and hold the highest greatest, grandest vision, to then step up and BE Love In Action in every MOMent!"

-Divine Angel Kat

Thank You So much for all of your love and support of the Ascension. All of your prayers and manifestations are greatly appreciated! We can all make a difference! Give Back To God!

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Love Has Won! Joy Reigns!

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