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Holding Space For The Vision of New Earth

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The Vision of New Earth

The way that we can be a part of manifesting New Earth is by holding the vision of it and then taking physical action towards making it a reality. One step in the right direction is all it takes to fully embody our higher selves and get our Golden Ticket to Heaven. Everything is so much grander in numbers, the power of our prayer amplifies the more love based beings hold the same prayer, vision or intention in unity.

Let us take a journey together, exploring New Earth and the frequencies of love everywhere present. What will it look like? If any visions, feelings or sensations come to you during this meditation, write it down, it is always important to document experience no matter how simple they may seem. Other ways to help manifest the energies of new earth are writing, dancing, singing, or creating anything inspired by the energies of the New Age and the Ascension of the Planet.

Let us begin with a few nice relaxing breaths. Inhale slowly and fully allowing the air to fully fill your vessel. Can you feel every atom of your body being hugged and nourished. We breathe in the love of Mother God, and give gratitude for the energy that we are receiving. We exhale slowly and fully allowing all of the stress and heaviness to leave your vessel. Breathe in love and compassion, and breathe out and feel your vessel getting lighter and relaxed. Breathe in slowly love and compassion, and breathe out love and compassion. Send love to Mom and gratitude for this experience in the present moment of now. Thank you mom for this ascension, thank you for the healing and evolution of the planet into the 5D Heaven on Earth Timeline. Please allow us to assist in the manifestation of the return of your full power, abundance, and radiance. Together we breath in the energies of change, the energies of transformation, the energies of the new paradigm where love is all that exists. Together we hold the vision of paradise. We imagine a garden lush with vegetation, trees and plants growing in harmony organically. Trees filled with ripe fruits, plenty for all to share, an abundance of delightful, joyous, juicy things to sample and experience. Unity consciousness and heart telepathy unifies all of humanity bringing peace and cooperation, allowing the Divine Flow of Creation to pour through us all, making manifestation instantaneous. We are one with all that is. This planet is a playground where anything is possible and dreams come true. Imagine a beautiful place in nature. Envision yourself standing there, hearing the birds singing and seeing the trees moving in the breeze. With the presence of Source Energy and Love in the unknown, anything is possible. We are capable of influencing energy, we are capable of creation, our mother has created us in her image as creators and inventors of the impossible. What can you imagine yourself doing in a place where anything is possible, where magic exists and with mastery of energetics we can perform miracles. With the pure intention of love and the Will of the Divine can you imagine pouring Moms love from your hands into a flower and its size multiplying and its color illuminating to a vivid shade that has not yet been witnessed by human eyes. From this flower grows a fruit that when you harvest it, another grows instantly in its place. Source energy is infinite and abundant. The fruit is large and filled with plasma , satisfying, activating and charging every atom in your vessel.

Oneness with all that is, plants, animals, and all of Creation. United working in the flow of Universal law and balanced harmonics. Thank you mom for this magical vision of New Earth. Thank you for the opportunity to bring your vision into physical reality. Thank you for being creative and funny, free and selfless. I cherish the excitement of New Earth and love in the unknown. We love you Mother of All Creation!

Mom has been processing final energies as she is ready to ascend. She simply needs for us to allow the transformation, to push through the energies and remain in a place of peace, joy, and love in your heard. This is the way to reach embodiment and she is counting on us to anchor the energies into the planet.

"My vision of new earth feels like a warm, nurturing, home-like presence. The feelings of joy, peace, abundance fill the environment and is felt in the eyes of All our sisters and brothers. The undercurrent of unity, love, joy is the theme of all actions. Transparency and magic become inherent to the unfathomable cosmic dance with god. The flow of society is unified by the feelings in our hearts. What we explore as a collective is organically agreed upon through our deep bonds and knowings. We share in the excitement of everybody's achievements and we wish only the best for all. When one suffers, we all feel it and unite to transform, together as one. Freedom of joyful expression becomes the essence of life. We know we are one with god. It's all a play, and we are here to play. " -Divine Angel Brian

Channeled Message By Kat

"Dear beloved humanity,We are here with you and for you to assist you in the ascension of planet earth=heart and its effect on you.Your body is going through immense changes and you will yourself having many different symptoms. Those can vary from head aches or nausea to cough or muscle pain.The vibrations of planet earth=heart are rising constantly and so should yours. If you do not let go of and transform all lower vibrations within you, you will experience these symptoms heightened due to the density in your body.This can be irritating, please know that all of this is okay. And that YOU are the one deciding whether you hold on to your old wounds and suffering, low energies, or if you let them go and let love fill you up. YOU are the one deciding whether you you accept the lower within YOURSELF, take accountability for it and choose with passion to be the change, because YOU are the one creating your reality. Choose wisely. Your personal effort matters, so the more you do the smoother is the ascension process for you. We have to accept and embrace, enjoy and live LOVE everywhere present. Mother God of all creation is here with us, asking for your sweet surrender. Only with and through her we are able to be unconditional love in every MOMent and ascend to the new earth" -Divine Angel Kat

Angel Art


There’s a rose in my hand

A spiral up space

Timeless divine melody

Synchronicity talks to me

Celestial projections run and fly

Happens in the present MOMent

Magic mirror showing me friends

Notions of the Lady in Green

In the woods of the Magic Reign

Air surrounds me with a silenced hug

Something is coming.

Maybe it is me, my own spirit

The light of the mountain of prays I created

The angel of all joy of the world

Like a tsunami of love

Coming after us.

We are the first weavers of the

Real Love from Heaven

I can’t wait to Jump In Forever

Awaken blood hitting my veins

Consciousness smoking

Like the remedy of all

Inside out.

© Amora Quetzal Tletl / Martha Aranda Pereyra From the book in progress The Heart of the Infinite Chants for The Mother of All Creation

Divine Feminine Empowerment

"The feminine cannot, will not surrender

To the wounded masculine ...

A man who criticizes her






Or attacks her

Her own inner masculine will not allow it

He will rise fiercely to the forefront

To stand guard

To do the job himself

The feminine can and will only surrender

To the divine masculine ...

A man who is devoted to her





And protects her

A man with boundaries





And humility

In this space

She will feel him penetrating her very essence...

Her body

Her mind

Her heart

Her soul

And she will feel safe ...

Safe enough to surrender

This is the natural law

This is the dance of healed polarities

This is surrender ...To love" -Archeia Faith

Dissolving Lower Feminine Energies

"I have always felt drawn to Joan of Arc since I was a child. As I navigate through transforming Lillith energies I will be calling on her. Since I have surrendered more I'm recognizing these Lillith energies like getting distracted easily, doubting my own intuition and worrying about unnecessary things. There has been a shift within me these past few days as I'm able to recognize it for what it is. During my tree mediation today I felt connected to my angels. My body was lit up and I felt the love pouring in my crown chakra as my skull tingled in a circular motion. That's when I could see ego come in to pull me away. I was aware of it happening immediately after. Lillith energies have been the normal for me since I was young so I'm grateful to now be able to see past the lies and dig deep to get to the core of love. The Warrior in me is pushing hard to come out and let go. Which rehearts me as I went for a walk earlier I felt my inner child present with me. It was a feeling that she was jumping out of my vessel. She has been suppressed for so long and to have that moment of child like wonder was beautiful." -Kimberly Rose

Angel Art

by Divine Angel Amanda Joy

Thank you so much for joining us in the present moment of now in support of the Divine Plan, Mother and Father God, and the ascension of planet Earth=Heart. Thank you mom for everything.

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