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HOME into the heart ~ Go within for the bigger Picture

To understand what we are saying you have to get a bigger perspective of what is going on in the big picture. The vision we are holding and feeling so strongly in our heart is of pure LOVE everywhere present, magical adventures with synchronistic events love surprises UNITY.

Unity means nothing less then YOU MATTER you are part of it! we all effect each other with our energetics. There is also energy behind EVERYTHING every thought, every word every step. Our interactions with ourselves and other ones matter. there is a scale of energies translated into emotions and feelings. we have been kept and caged in lower energetics like fear, anger, doubt, rage, jealousy, hatred,... the list is long. all of them are linked to des-eases, reflect in our world outside and make us de-evolve. On the other end of the scale are Love trust joy childlike wonder faith, hope gratitude... this list is long as well - infinite actually!

we can titel the two scales fear based and love based. So t is the power of LOVE that brings out the best in us and each other. the higher scale brings us evolution unity new earth with love everywhere present!

But we can't do that by correcting the outside!! we cannot change anything but our selves our inner core. and with change I mean letting go of all attachment while connecting to pure love source energy.

The moments we are in right now are unique, epic, biblical and intense. We get instant karma for everything which is neither good nor bad it simply IS the result of what we embody. So in these moments, in which mother god is pushing the last deep bits out of the way, working on our brain healing all black wholes we must be aware of our thoughts and their vibration. When ever ANYTHING lower comes through we have to CUT CORDS immediately. Stay in the highest states, stay in Joy, in heart present in the moment! Be still, breath first and move when you have the guidance of your angels where you should go next, which move to make! with three dreep breathes you can come right in your heart and be open for the ping that comes next and will bring more juoy, healing and light into the world.

When ever we are running around "busy" we really just distract us from our hearts message from mom! fake busyness and distraction through for example the internet / social media are two big dynamics stopping us from the divine wisdom and joy we can be in every MOMent! We CAN choose in every MOMent to feel the joy, the lightness and the love we always seeked. We are invited to break FREE from any beliefsystem for THEY ALL are made to steal our joy, our divine will power and our strength,

Mom is doing it all so we can focus on ourselves our inner state of being our own energetics! Be still be present, receive and transform all lower into the highest state of LOVE!

By Mother of All Creation

Breaking into pieces, you stand with whatever is left, the very core of who you are, the diamond, the “filling” AHAH THE TRUE BEING OF LIGHT AND LOVE…. although you may feel alone as the process unfolds breaking the mind down, it begins falling away because love is present and it recognizes the illusion and starts taking with it everything you “thought” you were and leads you to the heart of the being, feelings rush in as the true being emerges out of the seemingly destruction of a mind in a box, leaving you with the reconstruction to forge ahead in all its grandness, into Divine intelligence, into Paradise, Heaven on EArth.

The “mind,” which projects outside and has low vibrational thoughts and therefore cannot exist in the Upper Realms of True Reality which is 100 times Grander then Fantasy or Fiction, dissolves so that the Divine being can raise up into the True Divinity from within, and begin once again “feeling” instead of “thinking” taking the true being into a collective consciousness, a God Consciousness, only the mind thinks [projects outside] and the heart feels from the inside, where God is their within, for if God were to hide anywhere would he/she not be within the Heart?

Home into the Heart

Greetings dear one, It is an honor to be with you in this now. This present moment where all hearts intersect into one, one journey, one feeling. Love. Each heart resonates and responds to the feeling and the frequency of unconditional love. This is why wherever you go you are not alone. You carry within your being not only the capacity to feel this love, but feel it in unity with creation and all that is around you. This opens up your field of manifestation to bring in miracles, experiences, and evolutionary experience for the higher. It is magnetic, frequency attracts like frequency.

We as a planet of awakening humans are waking up to this truth and remembering how to manifest and be within these magnetic energies of love and expansion. Some of it requires willingness to experiment with your vessel and some of it is relying on pure feeling and the unknown, trusting the divinity that may flow through you at any moment. Experimenting may include reflecting on a certain moment in the day when you dipped in frequency… what were you doing in that moment? What had you eaten previously? And then applying a change the next time, going for that banana rather than the cake. And from the results you experience you can get an accurate reading on how your body responds to the energy. A guidepost for further expansion into the heart and the higher frequencies.

A lot of us get so excited to feel the familiar energies of home and 5d consciousness. Overwhelmed with the urgency to change and just dive in. That is a wonderful sentiment to be so ready to advance however patience will be learned, for the frequencies of 5d and beyond are so immense in magnitude that your body must anchor these adjustments in phases. All stemming from your root issues that are blocking, surrounding energetics, and very importantly . . . consistency. This is why grounding is essential in the process of anchoring higher consciousness. For you are of the earth, created from her body and within her realm of existence and consciousness. So if you are feeling overloaded with these frequencies a wonderful way to anchor the energy into your vessel is by reestablishing that connection in the physical through touching the earth with your feet or however you feel. Thus a channel is open for you to now complete the cycles of energetic influx being received from the higher realms. The energy flows in and flows out back into the earth and the trees. This is birthing the bright future of your experience for she listens, and responds with creation. If one were to stay sedentary or resist grounding the energies of the higher realms the body would not be able accommodate such an overwhelming amount of energy. The process would become uncomfortable.

Overall one can see that this a merging of the upper realms into the physical. That is why it is important to ground. You are a participant in this as one of a whole of beings having similar experience in the physical with Mother Earth Mother God/Gaia. It is important to understand that Mother , the planet is bringing in this frequency. It is your choice to embrace the energies and participate for she has decided it is time to shed the woes of past and excel forth forward into love and creative expansion. All receive the energy , yet your heart must be open. Follow the feelings of love and the universe will show you the way. You are aware of this already as the learning process is all about remembering how to do something that is so familiar to you. So remain in joy and know that Gaia the Mother of us all is always directing you to the highest and grandest state of being you can be. For it is your destiny. And so it is.

With love always, your brother. Hilarion.

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