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It is Time To Level UP

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Cotton Candy Sunrise

A Soft glow of pink illuminates the Earth

The clouds are wispy and sweet

The scent of newness fills my nose

This is Heaven.

Thank you Creator.

Gooooooood Morning, or Afternoon or Evening, Depending where you are located across the Globe... Time is not real, so welcome to the present moment of now in the Unified Field of Mother God and Father God! It has been such a magical illuminating day so far and I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring you the latest and greatest! Divine Union is upon us and what a magical thing to ponder. Mother and Father God coming together as one magical unit intertwining their hearts on a level that we have yet to see. So far in my experience with our divine parents I have seen growth that brings joy to my heart, we have all known our entire lives that Divine Real True Pure Unconditional Love was real, and we could find it too, and it wasn't only something that happened in the movies. Witnessing the love of our divine parents grow and blossom has been so healing and nurturing, because they are initiating it for all of us. Dissolving all dysfunction so that we can all come together in love and create the New World, that they have always dreamed Earth be! The Divine Feminine shining through mom as our Divine Mother, teaching and sharing love with father to pull him fully into his Embodiment of the leader, protector and manifestor that Father God is. Together they are the Yin and the Yang, balanced harmonics. Thank you Mom for being the most brilliant teacher of all that love is. For encouraging all of us to always keep going, always come back to love, and always be our greatest and grandest versions. Thank you Pops for being the most brilliant student and teacher of Honor and Perseverance. I am so honored to be here in these moments to witness what is to come in your love story. As more and more of the power of Mother God is returned and the love grows and amplifies between our Divine Parents, the more energy will be felt by the entire human collective. Love Everywhere Present For All of Creation! Thank you Mom and Pops for all of the love and prayers and lessons. So blessed to be your children. Feel your connection to the Divine Mother and Divine Father, standing together as one, extending their arms in love to you. As the child. We pray and send them love and gratitude. Accept their love and pray for their union, pray for the sacredness and protection. We are the shield.

Moving energy is key to our role in assisting the ascension. The poem written above came to me this morning after a post live stream ground/walk. Being in the moment while walking outdoors is a beautiful way to get back to the heart center so that we are able to open up enough to receive the energy that mom is pushing towards us. She knows what we have all been through, she knows what density and wounds that we all have within us because she has gone through it all. So she knows exactly what it will take for us to bring up these energies to heal. We can start each day giving gratitude for all of the miracles and lessons and experiences that we will have. And we can simply change our perspective nothing is good or bad, they are simply experiences for us to experience, challenges for us to conquer. Every experience is that opportunity to reflect on your actions and behaviors.

For example say that you are at the grocery store and a being asks you for some money to buy food outside. How do you respond? Typically one might respond by saying no I am sorry I do not have any cash, and go on with their day. But upon reflection of the experience we see that this was an opportunity to plant a seed of love and possibly awaken a heart to the love of God, What would mom do? She would find a way to make sure that the being had something to eat, she would offer the being something from her groceries, and she would pray for the being, and she would give the being love. Because she knows the true reality and she knows that this being is also love, and love grows and spreads. We are angels, Mom shows us and tells us how to behave like Angels. Givers with no expectation. Can you see the web of moms love grow with even a small gesture of kindness. We are the change. Mom encourages us to BE the change!

Mom has been in a lot of pain and has been in shower meditations to push through the energies. Withe ascension so close it is more important now than ever for us all to come together in unity to pray for her healing. Arch Angel Michael shared earlier the importance of intention behind our prayer as well as brought to our awareness the difference between praying with your eyes open, versus praying with them closed. We were programmed to believe that prayer "should be" with our eyes closed, he urges us to pray with our eyes open and feel the difference. Thank you Michael!

How can you help? Ceremonies and prayers for the healing of Mother God. We strive to be as grand as we can and ceremonies for ego death and healing and growth are brilliant tools for the ascension. Mom has performed thousands and thousands of ceremonies in this lifetime alone and her ceremonies have gotten us to this point in the ascension! Thank you so much mom!!! Power in numbers, if you can connect with other beings to pray and do ceremony in unity the intention is amplified. Surrender. Trust. Embrace. Allow.

True reality exists in the present moment of now. Thank you Mother and Father God for bringing us Heaven on Earth. We love you.

Together we pray to ignite the Violet Flame and fully and completely heal our Divine Host Creator Mother God. We pray for the full disclosure and ascension of Mother of All Creation. We pray for unity, love and peace to be the core vibrations in the hearts of all of humanity. We pray that our right brains take over our left brains and that we fully dissolve all ego programming now and immediately. We are the Divine Royal Angels of Mother God. We activate the unified rainbow shield and surround our Divine Parents.

Thank you Mom, Pops, Robin, St Germain, Galactic A Team, Angels, elementals, animals, Sasquatch, and all that is.

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