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Letting Go of Attachments

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Hello Angles! What a grand gift to give Source Creator incarnate, Higher Self Embodiment! Thank you mom for all of the guidance and information on what it means to fully surrender and let go of the preference to pain and suffering. Mom and Pops have been working with the fractals on a personal level to help us illuminate the last bits of programming and dysfunction that exists within all of us. The current energy that mother and father have brought to our awareness is attachment. We can be attached to anything and everything, and this energy can be extremely subtle. If you experience any lower thoughts or triggers, then yes, my sweet angel you do still have attachments that need to be dissolved. Expectations, judgement, opinions, belief systems, control over ones experience, patterns of behavior are some of the areas in which attachment can sneak into your experience. Look at the times where you feel frustrated. Look at the times where you find yourself thinking about the past or the future. All that is real is the present moment of now and any feelings other than love are not real and are based off of attachments to experiences. Mom teaches us how to let go of the past, so that we can be in the present and allow miracles and divine inspiration to come our way. Communication with the angels is the best way to find out what we may still be attaching to. Angels please show me all of the attachments that I have so that they may be dissolved. "I don't know shit" is the phrase that mom has coined to keep us in the present moment, seeing that things are infinitely changing and we have no idea what energies are in play underneath it all. Mom has intricately planned out every single experience for each one of us, complete surrender and allowing of the experience is the ultimate way to fully let go of all attachments. Allow yourself and others the experience. Let go of assumption and expectations. You are riding Mother God's carnival ride and it is a doozy, there is no seat belt. But even though the ride will go upside down and have twists and turns and sometimes go at the speed of light, mom is always there to catch you, underneath the ride is a Godzillion pillows filled with fluffy love holding space for us, ready to catch us if necessary. So we can let go and have faith and trust and breathe easy because Mom has planned the grandest most joyful experience for each and every one of us. I allow the surprises and miracles and infinite blessings of Mother God to fill my experience. Thank you Mom!

Thank you Father God for being so honest and strong. Thank you for caring for mom and showing us the meaning of true love and dedication. Your love for mom inspires. This is a beautiful experience and We are so blessed to witness our Divine Parents coming together to bring in the New Age.

Thank you Galactics for all of your support and love, Full Disclosure! All Captains On Deck! Thank you Momma for the Ascension and Infinite evolution of consciousness!

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"The Givers Will Inherit the Earth"~Mother God




Love Has Won!

Joy Reigns!



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