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little LOVE note

MOM i have never met you in your form now but you have always been there for me and thank you for the joy and pain as these are our tools for growth! I honor you and Love you thank you thank you thank you my heart!

by Sean Ackermann

This is how it sounds and FEELS like when you truly awaken and feel Mom. This electric warm spark inside of you lights up, your heart turns on the bright light it is supposed to be! You FEEL her love all round you and with you, this deep gratitude that brings the biggest smile on your heart and face full fills you with Joy and Faith. Sean is experiences an expansion and rise of vibration like NOTHING experienced before. A sparkful flow of creativity that is just awaiting to bloom in the co-creation of crystal schools and new earth, an expansion of the heart, magical synchronicities MOMazing surprises of LOVE, a feeling of HOME no matter where you are, because he can trust and feel exactly where is heart is, with mom.

And just like him, so so many angels are awakening every single day! Mother is pushing out of her heart, into the planet, into our hearts her unconditional LOVE in every MOMent, EVERYwhere present!

Come in your heart space,LET GO OF THE EGO and be part of only whole truth, pure love, childlike joy, complete trust and UNITY!

We love you MAMA with all our hearts :)

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