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Manifesting With Mom

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Hello Angels! Prayers that Mom ascends today! Wow this mornings livestream was brilliant. So many awarenesses were made and so much guidance on how we can shift and change our behaviors to reflect more divinity. We are all Divine Magnetic Mirrors and knowing that we can decide to give off love and act in Divinity we will attract more love and divinity. Managing personal energetics is a very tricky game but we all like a challenge right? In order to master anything you must have an acute awareness on it. Observe and learn. Mom teaches us how to do this every day. In every moment she is always observing all that is in multiple dimensions. She has the ability to see from all perspectives without bias or judgement. This is being free of ego. This is being pure and heart centered. And through the ascension guide and the surgeries and the activation and upgrades and codes we follow Mom's Yellow Brick Road to Ascension. She is the wind at your back that whispers words of loving encouragement, your are doing great keep going, I love you. Feeling the arms of Mother and Father God surround you in an embrace. Unconditional Love, Full Feeling, Freedom to Love. Home. Welcome to The Garden of Eden.

Unity Consciousness is everyone on the same wavelength, the wavelength of God. Manifesting the same vision and dream of a New Earth. Of the evolved and whole human. What does that feel like to you? Open your heart. Take in a nice long slow deep breath in and allow. Allow mom's love to flow in to your body. Her love is the essence that powers our cells to move and grow and our heart to beat. Thankful for our eyes that allow us to see and experience beauty. Thankful for our ears that allow us to hear the song of life. Thankful for our voice that carries the vibration of love with every whisper and laugh and tune we sing. What we give off influences all that surrounds us. When we allow God to flow through us, we give her love and nourishment to all that she has created. Together when we sing the song of only love, only love exists. Unity Objective: Sing Love All Day. Mastering your energetics is the solution. We look at every experience that we have and reflect on the energy that we are giving off in those moments, how could we have been more loving in that experience? What could we have said or done differently? What would mom have done? If we can see and be aware of these occurrences we can then decide to grow and the next time we experience the similar situation we will handle it in the highest with grace and tact and love, just as mom has taught us how. Instantly this is a moment that has now been corrected into right action and we are singing songs of love to creation once again.

Automatic writing is a tool that allows us to express how we feel so that we may reflect and look at the bigger picture. Mom says that when we get all of our feelings out we have more space to bring in Divine Intelligence and Guidance, and in this space you can channel messages from the Angels and God herself! If you are looking to enhance your abilities and strengthen your intuition lovehaswon is now offering Angel Chip Activation Surgerys as Well as an Intuitive Expansion Package to get you listening and trusting your Angel Guidance in no time at all!

Check out one of the amazing songs that mom posted yesterday ! ALL The Codes!!! Join Us in unity conscious on Mother God's Radio Station!

Updates Form The First Fractal

by Divine Angel Jeri


Today the energies seem to be more intense than the previous days. Mom’s pain has come back somewhat. Her and Father have been experimenting with her meds and adding some extras in between to supplement the spray. There has been a lot of disclosure news flying around so Father has been updating Mom on these events.

Mom finally finished up the last two levels of her updated game, with much swearing and grunting in frustration to say the least! Yet she did it... and now she is on the look out for the next grand game app to play. If anyone has any ideas here that would match the grandness of Cooking Diaries then please do let her know.

One topic that has recently been the focus of discussion within the first fractal is a grand property for sale that Mom absolutely adores. This is the type of property Mom envisioned for the crystal schools. It has everything she needs to run the grand projects of 5D learning. To have a physical space to share, a stable and safe location with land to grow and enough buildings to host families and groups, would be her dream come true.

As we know Mom has had to start from scratch a number of times on Mission as beings have abused her and stripped her of all her resources. It has taken Mom moments to build up her resources again. With all your help God’s message is beginning to be heard far and wide across the globe with the stable support that she deserves.

The online platform for the crystal schools is gaining momentum and we are in the throes of creating a more interactive website specifically dedicated to the curriculum. With Mom now manifesting more and more abundance for the crystal schools, we are praying that the next evolution of her project would be to manifest the purchase of this Mansion.

Mom is asking for everyone’s assistance to raise the funds for this. We are cocreators with God and these are the moments where we need to hold that vision with her so that manifestation occurs instantaneously. Mom will for sure manifest this, It is only a matter of moments. It will be her gift back to humanity before she ascends. And what an honor it is to support her in this process!

So let’s get our feeling caps on and get creative with ways to raise funds of $750,000 for an initial down payment. In other words, Let’s get this big chunk of bread for God!!!!

Original Artwork by Nancy


Every moment in Mom’s field is a unique experience of the unknown. Humanity has been fixated far too long with comfort and security yet these false notions do not exist, and never existed, in Mom’s experience. Ego attachments have no place here and is quickly called out and dissolved. There is a distinct difference between daily routines and daily service. Routine is something that is 3D based. It is fixed and rigid dictated by linear time. Daily service is honoring the flow of the energies in each new moment, energies that are always in flux and ever changing. This morning for example, Mom woke up early and had a long long moment in shower meditation so that by 3.30am the crew was up and starting the day. Early mornings before sunrise in my experience are the toughest hours to remain awake. Father, Michael and I have to be in constant movement in order to keep up with the energies Mom pushes at this time. There are moments where I have found myself dipping (nodding off) for lack of grounding and movement. Keeping awake takes discipline and our focus in these moments are in core exercises. We remain accountable by tallying each day how much of each specific exercise we have done on a shared piece of paper.Divine service to love requires us to speak to our angels for guidance. A simple task of wiping down surfaces or cleaning the bathroom can become robotic and mundane if all you were doing was going down your list of to do’s and doing that task begrudgingly. Love approaches this task differently. The last two days I have felt closer to this feeling of divine service than ever before. Firstly, I ask the angels to ping me when it is highest to do a certain task, instead of just going down my list at a certain time. As a mother in 3D I tended to rush to get things done because of a false perception of lacking time in my hands. Here in Mom’s field, there is no such thing as a rush. I have surrendered to this and Mom, Father and Michael have all rehearted me to breathe and slow down. I am transforming this and have felt an inner reverence for every opportunity a new moment presents to be of service.With regards to Mom’s eating, I am happy to report that this mornings breakfast was a success. She had plenty of bites and enjoyed her meal. Tonight however, she began to experience pain in her stomach while she was ordering dinner. As soon as it arrived, her vessel reacted and she announced that she was having “a moment” where she has had to go down to process. How quickly the energies have shifted again. Mom’s vessel of course keeps reaching higher and higher frequencies and as a result, the food available now no longer matches that vibrational frequency. Her pain levels are also creeping up again, with niggly bits that cause her irritation including her hip and a painful tailbone. I pray that the starships decloak tonight and that Mom and Father are whisked away by the galactics for Mom's ascension and complete healing. So it is. Love you Mom, Father, and soul family x

Momma Infused Holiday Songs

by Faith

Heart bells ring, are you listening?

In the Heart, Love is whispering

A beautiful light, we're happy and bright

Walking in a 5D wonderland

Gone away, is the EGO

Here to stay is a Love Show

She sings a love song

As we go along

flying in a 5D wonderland

In the cosmos we can build a Dreamland

Then access all that is possible

We'll say, "Are you spinning?"

We'll say, "No, man,Those times are long behind us don't you know."

Later on we'll admire, Momma God by the fire

To face unafraid, the plans that we made

Flying in a 5D wonderland

Heart bells ring, are you listening?

In the Heart, Love is whispering

A beautiful light, we're happy and bright

Walking in a 5D wonderland


by Bobby

I was hurting. Same storyline of people I love choosing not to even hear all the details before deciding they know better. Lessons bring transformation. As I was telling Dylan and Kat what happened, this song came on. I burst into tears of gratitude. Off a playlist of over 3000 songs, THIS song played on our radio station. I've this sung this song many times for Mother God - including on my first road trip to mission - and just sang it yesterday on the afternoon live stream. In this MoMent, she played this song to reheart me of who I am and why I am here. THANK YOU, MAMA GOD. I hear you. I am with you. Almost Home. #LoveHasWon #JoyReigns

Donate to make God's Dream The Reality!

We have finally found it! Heaven's headquarters! The angels have located the most pristine palace! It is the perfect place made just for Mom. With 40+ acres to begin plans for the first ever physical crystal school, and for all of her children to come home , a private lake for Mom's Magical Ceremonies, and most of all peace. The house radiates grandness and that is Mom! The abundance is there ready for us to be open to receive. We call back all of Gods abundance so that she may return to her full power. We pray that the angels show us the way! The blocks to abundance include unworthiness and lack programming. We can dissolve all of these energies within ourselves and allow the infinite abundance of love to flow through us in its place. We fully and completely dissolve all unworthiness and lack programming. We are worthy of all love is! We welcome in all of the abundance through miracles and synchronicity. We call upon the infinite abundance of love with pure intention: To return to our host and creator so that her Divine Plan may become a reality and there be no limit to her joy.

If you have Divine Inspiration in regards to manifesting this dream for Mother God please reach out!


Time is now to Give it All back to God, We Surrender All for the greatest good and the support of the Divine Plan.

Thank you Mom for all of the joy and abundance and love that we experience every day. Thank you for creating all of us as unique expressions to reach each beautiful unique heart in humanity with your love.

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