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please don't hesitate, to co-create

We are moving into 5D, by now you might have hear this already often.

Well....we are! how does that look like you wonder? brand new, rainbow golden bright shining. 5D new earth=heart smells like freedom, sounds like trust, tastes like joy and sounds like LOVE. It FEELS like home.

Home in a way never been there before, yet we reheart this feeling, this vibration in the depths of our heart. And we feel our higher self almost imploding in excitement to be alive and awake in these times. And you might feel it in your guts - in your solar plexus and sacral chakra, that you just urge to birth something into new earth. No matter what you bring to the table don't forget YOURSELF. the best part of you is YOU!

You are a diamond in the brilliant art work of the most creative and most passionate love warrior! you are the mirror and reflexion of the most high, of mother god, prime source creator!

And YOU are here as important part of the co-creation of new earth = heart. Singing songs or reading stories for the crystal school, creating content for the website, the blog or other social media, reaching out to celebrities, becoming an ambassador in your location to do brilliant sessions with other angel, creating arts or even coming physically to mission. Realize that you are a big part of bringing the message of hope, joy and love to the rest of humanity, you can CHOOSE to full fill your soul contract in every aspect and not only find home to Mother God but also be the LOVE IN ACTION you can be, beyond any sort of limitation or hesitation!

We are letting fully go of 3D as we move god speed ahead into 5D. all old illusionary systems will be dissolved and we will be free of any EGO program. We break free and rise up through our service, into divinity! Into innocence, child like wonder and joy! So bring what you have, who you are to the table and you will see how mothers level of growth she is gifting you is rising exponentially. we are flipping EVERY lower energy within us into joy and love, and DIVINE EXPRESSION.

So don't shy away, BE HERE, be present, be LOVE and be in integrity with your disciplines. Give yourself the moments to breath, to co-create and to grow together!

By SunSmile Kat

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