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Ready or Not Here She Comes!


Momma is making moves today in big ways energetically as well as in the physical. She is ready to go, and with this she is sending all of humanity a precaution, the energies will continue to build and become more and more intense. The only way to allow them to pass through is by being very consistent with spiritual disciplines. What are spiritual disciplines you may ask? This are our daily practices that bring us into balanced harmonics and higher self embodiment by allowing us to process and transform energies from our personal programming as well as collective energies.

Through all of the stories and lessons that Mom has shared we learn that full surrender, intention, integrity, and accountability are key in growth. Full surrender to all experiences, as we recognize that we are assisting in the Divine Plan, that we are the pieces in the chess game that Mother of All Creation is playing against the Cabal. How do we be the best knights that we can be? We serve with full love intention for the greatest and highest good, we take action with integrity and follow through with guidance that comes from Mother and Father God and the Angels, and this goes hand in hand with commitment to spiritual disciplines. When we hold ourselves accountable for these things and take full accountability when we are not in full integrity, we open the door to the yellow brick road to ascension into 5D Heaven on Earth=Heart with Mother and Father God.

Love and Joy are the energies of New Earth infinitely in every moment. How many moments in your day were not full of love or joy or peace? These are the moments to look and and to ask the Angels and Mother God if there is anything that you need to release in order to get closer to being in Love vibrations 24 hours a day. Time flies when you are having fun, this is because time is an illusion and when you are always in the present moment of now experiencing love vibrations, time disappears and all that really exists is you and the omnipresence of Mother God. She is everyone and everything. If we could all treat one another just as we would care for our Divine Mother love would be everywhere present. Full embodiment of love. We are the change we have been waiting for!

Winter Wonderland

Frost covers the ground with silver sparkles

As I inhale deeply the chill of the air awakes my atoms

She is MAGIC

She is stillness

I feel all of the heaviness fall away as I fully surrender

Allowing the boundaries of my human form to disappear

Feeling and absorbing and simply being

Let go, Let Love.

Love Letters to GOD


Love you very much! It is awesome to hear that you are comfortable there ... thank you so much for your love, sending you all of the love in my heart and pray that you are surrounded by love and protected in every moment. i pray for you momma because i do feel you and i do see you and hear you. When I envision protecting you I hold you and my arms create a shelter around you like a cocoon. Surrounding you with the love that you have given me. The compassion and kindness that you have shown me. Every smile and laugh and touch and tear that you have given me as gifts of healing. I capture those moments into my heart and stream that energy back to you. Can you feel it? I love when I expand and have more and more awareness of the moments that I could be praying more , could be posting more, could be dancing and singing more. I will always strive to be more for love, for you. I am with you momma every step of the way! Team Love. Thank you for making all of this possible. Thank you for caring more than any of us can really even fathom, thank you for being a creative genius and allowing me to bring your energy in through me to share and grow. i imagine what it was like for you when you were beginning to understand your gifts and what they meant and how to channel your love in the most effective ways. you are so precise and i am honored to be able to learn from your example. learning through observing every single detail of the experience. I am hungry to learn, hungry to grow, hungry to be the most Divine Angel that I can be for you Mom. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful strong will to fight ... in your image fucking grateful hahahahaha As you grow stronger and regain all of your power I can feel the trickle down and it is liberating and inspiring. My heart swells, my third eye pulses and I feel peace knowing that this is all for love, there is always universal law, balance is being restored and you shine brighter and brighter with every passing moment, a beacon for hope, because YOU are home for all of us, within all of us. You are always there, Love is ALWAYS there. Thank you Love.

Eternally Grateful,


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Thank you Father God, Master Robin Williams, Master St Germain, Galactics, Angels, Elementals, Animal Kingdom, Magical Creatures, and All That is! All Hands on Deck for Divine Union and the Ascension of Mother of All Creation!

We Rejoice! Love HAS Won!!!!!!! Jesus Has Returned! Yipppeeeeee!!!!

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