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SUNSPOT DOUBLES IN SIZE: Northern sunspot AR2804 has doubled in size since yesterday. It is now an easy target for backyard solar telescopes and a growing threat for Earth-directed solar flares.

Solar wind speed: 446.9 km/sec

Immense Solar Energies are hitting the planet for the past couple days and the solar wind speed is still way more then average. How does that feel to you? There are some typical symptoms and some unique ones:

- head aches

-solar plexus movement / pain

-forgetfulness "waves of dumb"

- confusion / aloofness

The solar winds are shooting photons charged with the highest light into this realm. upgrading your DNA, your brain, you entire vessel. So you will have experiences that are feeling uncomfortable or weird, know that it is all part of the expansion / evolution.. anchor in that light, BE the light beacon of love!

We have unique custom made spin back in sessions that can assist you, to find out what is going on and what can assist you.

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