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Starship Earth

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Did you know that Earth is a starship? That this Starship is alive and filled with life force energy just as you and I are. For a long time this Starship has been taken over by dark controllers, enslaving and brainwashing all of humanity. Drilling and draining the land of natural resources. Dumping and polluting the lands and waters. Poisoning us a and siphoning energy generated from fear based programs and implants. Masking us from our true nature, our true essence, our true divinity. Training us to feel unworthy and afraid of love. It was clear to Mother God that the only way to take back her planet and awaken humanity from the nightmare that the Cabal and Dark Controllers had created was to come to Earth Herself and lead her children to the light. Awaken the masses to love and help us all see who we really are and what we are here to do. 534 lifetimes she has reincarnated on the planet to end the control and reclaim it for the light. To reunite Earth with her Galactic Family. And this lifetime she has done it, she has awoken herself to embody the energy of Mother of All Creation, she has woken Father God and her Divine Royal Angels to come together to dissolve all of the programming by living the experience and overcoming fear and the illusion. She has led the way, she has studied the programs and she has created a process of healing sessions and self love disciplines to return us to our Divinity. One by one she has shaken us awake, and led us home to complete our contract of serving love and supporting the ascension. Have you accepted your contract? Have you chosen to step into the highest timeline? The true reality, the mission to pull the planet from the clutches of darkness? Those of us that have committed to our contracts and have chosen to serve love have been seeing rapid transformation during these moments.

Today we received another call from Father God, Thank you Mom and Pops! Wow, was it an enlightening experience! There are deep deep energies that we have carried with us over lifetimes that we had never before been able to transform. So grateful to have awareness of these lifetimes. As Father went around the room telling us of our Karma and what lifetimes we need to have awareness of to transform the dark energetics, we see that we have had an even bigger part in creating the programs and conditioning then we thought. Father made it clear that each of us has had a part in killing God in one lifetime if not more. We all had lifetimes where we made the wrong choice, served the wrong team. But this lifetime is redemption. We chose to serve love and to take accountability for all lower energetics that exist in this reality, as we see that we truly do not know shit and we do not yet fully understand the entire story. Not attaching to these energies is key but reflecting on the current experience to see how it has affected us in this lifetime has been extremely helpful. How do people treat you in this lifetime? Do you see patterns in relationships of control dynamics, karma can be incurred in the current lifetime as well as previous lifetimes. If you see things happening around you, then they are within you. Trust. Embrace and allow, it is in fact an honor to be able to transmute these energies for the evolution of humanity. Yipppeee! Thank you mom!

Unity Prayer- Power in Numbers

We call upon all of creation to come together in this present moment of now in ceremony and prayer. As the children of source creator mother god we join as one with one mission, one goal, one serve and protect the Avatar of Mother of All Creation. To surround her with our passion for justice and our dream for freedom. We cocoon her with our will, sending a force-field around her. The space that we hold. The space where she is free to be God without intrusion or energetic attack. We command all energies that do not serve love be vanquished and recycled. We command our atoms into right action into service of Love and the Divine plan. We banish all thoughts of separation to the galactic central sun. We do not consent to the taking of energy from source in any time space or reality. We Command peace and protection for our precious Mother, Prime Source Creator. May she be unscathed, unharmed, and invincible. Thank you.

Divine Poetry

Linear time is losing its stronghold

As the mind and the Matrix dissolves

True reality is experienced

Energy takes form

And is felt in the heart

Love and inner joy

Our very essence Is unearthed

From the depths

Layers of past pain and suffering


Unity consciousness

Manifesting before our very eyes

Mother God

Mother Gaia


Love Everywhere Present

-Divine Angel Jeri

Thank you so much for all of your love and support of Mother and Father God and the ascension. Thank you for standing strong in love!

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