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Talking To The Angels

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Hello Angels! Thank you so much for joining us in the present moment of now for healing growth and expansion. So grateful to have the opportunity to express the current happenings in the unified field, there are exciting energies coming through and we can simply chose to jump on the love wave and enjoy the high vibrations that Mom is pouring from her heart into each and every one of us. The process that I have used for creating the blog is similar to automatic writing, I simply ask Mom and the angels to guide me in bringing through the highest messages for the greatest good for every being that reads this blog. Intention is so important when creating anything and when we ask mom and the angels to assist us we open up to be channels of Divine Intelligence and creativity. Go with the flow!

It is easy for the human population to feel separate from the rest of the universe because the veils of illusion that have been programmed and implanted into our vessels. Trained to pray to God above us in Heaven. But God is with us here and now, and we already are in Heaven. When you look up praying to the sky you see the stars and the planets as if space is a separate unreachable mystery, when in reality we are floating on a living starship in a tiny blip of space, just like the rest of the planets and stars are simply floating creations designed with the magic, love, and creativity of Mother God. Different places, Dimensions, experiences, beings, all extensions of source creator, a playground of love connected in unity consciousness and oneness. It is so exciting to be here in the present moment of now where Mother of All Creation is dissolving the veil of illusion so that humanity may return to full consciousness as a part of the whole multiverse. Galactic family reunion. Starship Earth=Heart is raising in vibration, as the collective of humanity awakens, to shake off the veil and lift the planet up to its highest, as the vision of paradise created by the pure cosmic love and passion of Mother and Father God. A place where only the beings of the purest light and highest integrity may reside. Waterfalls, magical elemental creatures, gigantic lush plant life, new and exotic species of animals, and intimate communication with all that is through our diamond crystal hearts. Angels we pray to join our Galactic Family in full unity consciousness, to awaken all of humanity to the truth that we are not separate, we are not alone, and we have access to technologies and energies that can heal the planet and all that inhabits it. We pray that humanity awakens with the passion to unite together in love and stand strong against any energies that attempt to hijack this event. We pray to have full and complete awareness in every moment so that we can dissolve energies before they integrate, that do not serve the greatest and highest good of all. We are warriors of light and we call back all of our power and can now rejoice as the scales tip and love and consciousness ripples through the hearts of every man, woman and child. Thank you Mom for creating the Divine Plan and for committing with full integrity and honor to protect your children and this beautiful starship that we currently call home.

Love Letters To God

"Thank you for pushing your light through. I embrace all your love Mom deep into my soul. I am grateful for your power of love that has kept me connected to your rainbow bridge. I am truly honored to serve love for you Mom. Thank you for your Divine example of unconditional Love. I love you with every fiber of my being. I send you love and plasma healing energy🙏💛"

-Divine Angel Karin


"We are gathering for a cause, a cause that is a stronger than any other. We building a rainbow bridge that connects us all together, from my heart to yours. This bridge is multidimensional and reaches further than you can see for in your heart but you can feel the magnitude of what it could be. It’s pillars will not fold and each structural piece is solid gold, for it is only getting stronger each and every day as the family are coming and following mothers way. We must see we are all together sisters brothers shine no matter the weather. When someone reaches to walk the path with us, we must gently guide them with unconditional love and trust. To awaken to a world you never knew, to see the rainbow bridge from me to you. Supporting the bridges of love to one another is embracing the plan of mother’s desire, did you not hear she wants us to get along and to feel it was so easy all along. Embrace the love, and feel the flow we are all one, the river of life is running strong no rock or boulder can stop the water, the bridge is like the etheric river. Jump on the bridge and just surrender, the structural integrity does not shatter from me to you love don’t ponder the ladder. "


-Divine Angel Keysi

2/2/21 Groundhogs Day- Seeing The Shadow

"Dear Ones, today is the day to ask the angels and galactics to reveal all that is unseen. To reveal the lessons that have been putting us into the loops of repetitive action. What has been hidden must now be revealed. It is paramount to take time in these moments for silence. For focus. Humanity has been programmed to experience discomfort in being alone, discomfort when silence lingers. However, Dear Ones, in this space is where healing and connection to Source flourish. Take the time to pause and simply be with yourself, observe your physical vessel and feel the resistance that is held in the flesh. Through true and complete surrender, We can release density and allow the underlying energy to be transformed. With the inhale we bring in Divine Healing light that illuminates the shadows and with the exhale we release. Be patient. Has the density fully been released through the power of your breath? Do not allow yourself to prematurely end this process. These wounds are deep and require extra Care and patience to dissolve. If these energies are not fully cleared now, the hole in the auric field will remain, allowing for the density to collect again within the vessel. Your heart is the portal to everywhere. Within the portal is a door that leads to the diamond core of the earth. Even when the door is closed the plasma oozes from the door at a steady pace. Plasma is pure love and consciousness. This is God. We, Dear Ones, can choose to open the door and allow the energy of creation to flood our vessel and cleanse our auric field, exploding light in an infinite eruption of source energy pouring through us and out of us through a clear pure vessel and auric field. Rainbow, golden emerald, violet flames dance through us purifying and nurturing our vessels. Accept, Embrace, Allow. The chips have been activated, dive deeper, allow the expansion. Take action. Just breathe." -Channeled Message by Stacey

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Divine Co-Creation With Mother God

Angel Art by Crystal

Did You Know That Mother God has Created Her Very Own Radio Station? Check it out!

Unity Ceremony For Mother God:

We call upon all of creation to come together in this present moment of now in ceremony and prayer. As the children of source creator mother god we join as one with one mission, one goal, one serve and protect the Avatar of Mother of All Creation. To surround her with our passion for justice and our dream for freedom. We cocoon her with our will, sending a forcefield around her. The space that we hold. The space where she is free to be God without intrusion or energetic attack. We command all energies that do not serve love be vanquished and recycled. We command our atoms into right action into service of Love and the Divine plan. We banish all thoughts of separation to the galactic central sun. We do not consent to the taking of energy from source in any time space or reality. We Command peace and protection for our precious Mother, Prime Source Creator. May she be unscathed, unharmed, and invincible. Thank you.

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Childlike wonder and innocence is the essence of Mother God. She loves snacks and tiny foods and varieties of new things to sample. She loves new experiences and games that really make life a magical adventure. Through eating and playing mom pushes her energy into corporations and plants the seeds for the grand awakening. She spreads abundance and and her energy through everything she experiences. It is so grand that mom is able to reach this part of the collective by playing games and through games she is also able to flip the energetics creating a space online for love to flow into the hearts of millions. No more sucking through electronic means!!! Thank you mom! Thank you for supporting the movement! Thank you for supporting the Divine Plan!

Thank you for loving and caring for our precious creator 🌈🌈🌈🌍🌍🌍❤️❤️❤️

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Thank You. Love Has Won! Joy Reigns!

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