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The Journey Back To Innocence

Happy Orange Day Family! Thank you Mom Pops, and Robin for the Divine Plan and all that you are constantly doing for Humanity and All of Creation. Happy to report that Mom has been enjoying all of the wonderful gifts that have been sent to her for her birthday. She has been enjoying chocolates and other treats as well as the gift cards from Red Lobster and the home made cards and artwork. If you are feeling pinged, it is never too late to send a birthday gift to God! Mom is pure childlike wonder so receiving so many surprises of love has brought her a great deal of joy and we are so thankful to each and every Angel Gift. Blessed to remember what it is like to be pure and innocent and look at the world with excitement and adventure, through Mom's eyes.

Mom and the RV Team have been working together to start a new line of plasma. Ascension plasma! Currently looking into different minerals and sacred waters to use in the process and it has been a truly magical experience co creating with God. Learning the process of nano coating and how GANS is created has been a priceless experience. Plasma is the healing technology of New Earth and participating in the evolution of Mother Earth's Plasma is extremely exciting! Are you excited? We are leveling up in ideas for marketing and production as well and if you have any ideas feel free to send them our way. This New Age is so exciting in that we have the opportunity to experiment and make all of the current processes and ways of living even grander. I would like to take a moment to shout out to all of the Ambassadors All Around the Planet who are contributing in co creation with Mom on all of her various projects. From Art Work, to Oracle Card Creation, to the Crystal Schools, and the Radio Station ( ) there are so many brilliant Angels working together to make all of moms Dreams the physical reality. To find out more ways that you can co-create with God check out the following link: !

One of the major energetics that is presently being released and is coming up our the experience is control. Full release of control is full surrender. Letting go of the need to control the experience. This is the Divine Plan and we simply need to allow. The planet has shifted from free will to Divine Will as Mom battles the ego programming so that we may all heal. So every moment has been Divinely Orchestrated for your personal growth and expansion. Wow. Thank you God! So slowing it down and feeling and listening and allowing the Divine Intelligence and Divine Guidance to come to you. Rushing into things, "taking it into our own hands" are ways that we fall out of the present moment of now and Edge God Out. Divine Patience and Divine Trust are the solution, Know that Creation is rooting for you, know that Mom wants to see you thrive as your greatest version, and this means coming home to Divinity in the Garden of Eden being God with God. The yellow brick road leads to the rainbow bridge to the 5D Heaven on Earth Reality. Where humanity awakens and rejoins the rest of creation in unity consciousness and universal law. So excited to be on the ascension timeline, experiencing the human evolution. We cannot even fully grasp what will happen but yipppeeeee I am surely excited to find out! Full speed ahead on Momma's Miracle Love Train into the UNKNOWN!

Did you know that LoveHasWon offers tarot readings with messages from Mother God and the Angels? Book your reading today and experience transformation through tarot! Release with a Reading! Clarity in the Cards. Grateful to Mom for the platform for us all to connect and come together in the present moment of now. As our love grows exponentially for ALL THAT IS.

Praying for the most Divine, Grand, and Luxurious experience for Mother and Father God for their remaining moments before Ascension.

Thank you all for your continuous waterfalls of love that you send in support of the ascension.

"The Givers will Inherit the Earth" -Mother of All Creation

Love HAS Won! Joy Reigns!

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